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Our founder Kailee Karr created this organization in 2014. With hard work and dedication weekly practices were instilled and seasonal clinics organized. She is the rock and inspiration to this entire organization and a role model to all she meets. 

Spreading the love and awareness of ultimate frisbee and inspiring youth in our community to get active and grow through this amazing sport. 
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Location: Park Hill Park #3

201 Nebraska St. 




Weekly Practice 


Seasonal Clinics
Location: Broken Arrow Park
Our Activities

Lawrence Youth Ultimate

Spread The Word

What does ultimate frisbee mean to you? Spread your love of the sport to classmates and friends and get them involved.  

Practice On Your Own

Becoming a great frisbee player takes a lot of practice. Don't be afraid to throw with a friend or family member in your spare time. 

The more people the better! By bringing more friends to practice we will be able to have more activities and better learn from eachother. 

Bring A Friend

Providing a fun environment for kids to grow and be active through Ultimate Frisbee. 

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